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Custom Endurance Athlete Strength Programming - CEASP

$299 per appointment $299 Purchase required to enroll
Are you an endurance athlete looking to either decrease your injury risk, come back from an injury, improve your performance or get stronger? This is exactly what you've been looking for!

We designed CEASP strictly for endurance athletes! We understand that many endurance athletes may be working with an endurance coach, but could still be experiencing overuse injuries or need help with functional strength training. MOVE coaches and the MOVE method fits perfectly here!

Clients still undergo a MOVE assessment, and based off this information, a custom program is created for you. Typically, a MOVE coach will interface with your run (or otherwise) coach to ensure the volume/load/etc. are appropriate for your training and cycle. This way, your strength training is optimized for YOU to ensure you are moving STRONG and pain FREE!

Start your strength journey with a MOVE coach today!

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MOVE Virtual Appointments available starting Sunday

The MOVE Lab

MOVE - The Batch Yard

MOVE - Church Park

MOVE - On-Location

MOVE - Newbury St

The Alyx

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